mapping museum experience

eMotion researches the museum-going experience experimentally.
At the heart of the project is the investigation of the psychogeographical
effect of the museum on the museum visitor.

Museum visitors who took part in the project, were given an insight into
their own art reception as well as their psychological reaction to their
museum visit. Scientific and artistic research methods were integrated
into the experimental setting.

The fielding took place between 5th June and the 16th August 2009
in the Art Museum (Kunstmuseum) St.Gallen, Switzerland.

Multimedia documentation (TV, Radio & News Articles) of the project
can been seen here media corner.

Preliminary results can be viewed here and here.


eMotion is a research project at the Institute for Research in Art and Design, University of Applied Science Northwestern Switzerland, Academy of Art and Design and has been generously supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation and Ubisense.


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